Close up of Dieline Awards trophy in pieces

Dieline Awards 2024

The Dieline Awards is an annual competition celebrating outstanding packaging design. For 2024, the Dieline approached us to create a short film for their upcoming call-for-entries campaign, celebrating the meticulous and material-focused nature of packaging design. The end result is a 30-shot, one minute long 3D motion piece exploring the unique properties of various commonly-used physical materials, gradually joining together into the form of the Dieline Awards trophy.


The Dieline


How do cardboard, pressed fiber, or foam exist in their own worlds? We experimented with what it would mean to live in a world where each material became the hero of its own space - how they feel in motion, pushing against themselves and gravitating toward other elements.

Material testing with dyed plywood


The individual pieces of these worlds come together to form a greater whole. Materials have a bit of a conversation back and forth - like wood refracting through glass - as they slide together.

Material testing with dyed plywood
Material testing with dyed plywood


Each material has been meticulously crafted so that it represents a fundamental characteristic: the grain of wood is exacerbated with colorful highlights, glass features intricate patterning for unique refractions, the wavy sandwich of corrugated cardboard is almost mysterious the way light plays off of it.

Early test of the Dieline trophy being broken into joinery
Material testing with acoustic foam
Material testing with mushroom foam

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