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Our friends at Normal hit us up about making some graphics for Nock, their recently released competitive VR game. We'd built out a brand identity system for Normal in the past, but the more we worked with them on Nock, the more we realized nothing was off limits. Before long we were making in-game models, textures, 2D assets, cutting together trailers, and more.

We paired Nock's high octane gameplay with a futuristic y2k-inspired aesthetic that helped give each Nock item a distinct look and feel. Texturing these models with different decals, stickers, and finishes gave the impression that the Nock game world had a host of sponsors, brands, and even item manufacturers, and above all else, looks and feels fun.


Normal VR

Featuring a vast array of cosmetic in-game items.

We’ve designed hundreds of decals to be used as fictional logos, stickers, patterns, you name it. These are found across player’s bows, block items, and even the arena itself–ensuring every inch of the game world was covered in futuristic flair. Pretty soon these decals started bleeding into the real world, in the form of tees and other swag.

Black graphic tee draped on steps
Black graphic tee on street
White shirt back graphic draped in street

No real-world design norms here.

In Nock, our bows and arrows transcend real-world physics and design principles and traverse a diverse range from industrial to alien, minimalistic to high tech. Our library of decals and materials allows players to select from an extensive collection of cosmetic items, enabling them to create a cohesive set that reflects their style in matches.

Poster Detail Widescreen
Poster full portrait
Poster Close up
Nock player with bow

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