New York City Drone Film Festival

When the New York City Drone Film Festival first hit us up, we only knew a few things about drones: they were f’n rad, they were expensive, and you weren’t allowed to fly them in NYC.

What we didn’t know was how drones are actively reinventing the art of filmmaking — from big budget Hollywood blockbusters to tiny backyard films shot on tiny whoopers (that’s a teeny tiny drone). Once we heard this — we were ready to take flight (sorry) with the NYCDFF as they prepared to showcase and celebrate the best drone footage in the world.

The festival has been a massive success, selling over 4,500 tickets, receiving over 2,000 submissions, and presented 60 awards to filmmakers across the world.

We’ve now worked with the NYCDFF for three years running, evolving the identity system, graphics package and animations for each festival. They’ve also continued to keep our studio well-stocked with drones, which we’ve gotten pretty good at flying and filming with.


The New York City Drone Film Festival

The Collected Works - NYCDFF - 02
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For the design system, we developed a flexible graphics package that could be used across all festival assets — and for future festivals to come. The logo is inspired both by the silhouette of a drone and a film reel. While it might seem obvious, we’re pretty damn sure no one’s ever been crazy enough to smash these two elements together before this project.

The typographic system is large, bold, and aggressive. It looks amazing on the silver screen, but also works nicely on wheat paste posters and festival swag. The design system also includes a graphic set of animations that features on everything from the logo to the festival title cards.

The Collected Works - NYCDFF - 08
The Collected Works - NYCDFF - 09
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