Print Awards 2023

We were stoked to work with the PRINT team to develop the 2023 identity for their long-running awards. We truly took the word ‘print’ to heart and got to work physically printing (and then meticulously scanning) a suite of animations, crafting a system that could support the incredible winners of these accolades.




Manual Labor

We weren't messing around with any artificial grain when it came to the PRINT 2023 Awards identity. While many of the illustrations in the system were crafted in computer software, we printed them out and carefully scanned them back in to capture the physicality of real world materials. That’s real, see-through-the-paper ink, blood, sweat, and tears. And we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.


While we can't pick favorites - we've been honored to work with PRINT for many years - this system for 2023 has a personal touch that's kept a special place in our hearts.

Rad Work for Rad People™


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Rad Work for Rad People™

Set in Beatrice by Sharp Type & Editorial Old by Pangram Pangram

Development by Nick DiMatteo

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