The Collected Works 10 Year Party beer cans, stickers, and hi-vis pakteks.

Ten Year Party

10 years. How did that happen? It's all thanks to our friends, fans, colleagues, and clients. To celebrate our anniversary, we released a one-off beer with our friends at Five Boroughs Brewing Co, aptly titled First_Draught_IPA_Final_V2 IPA.

The commemorative can was released exclusively at The Collected Works 10 Year Anniversary Party™, which took place in August 2023 and was graciously hosted by FBBC. To complete the look, we designed a small branding system, complete with wristbands, tees, stickers, and more.

We're stoked to see what the next ten will hold.


The Collected Works

3D rendering of a 4 pack of beers with the custom TCW label
"A Decade Of Rad Work" Graphic
3d rendering of beers with custom TCW label.
Studio party wristband designs.
TCW Flag
TCW's "Decade of Rad Work" shirt

Rad Work for Rad People™


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