The North Face - 50 Years of Parkas

We were thrilled to partner with The North Face in developing a campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their iconic parka. This parka is not just a brilliant piece of technical gear for extreme conditions, it’s also a cultural symbol that has resonated with the masses. Our team crafted a comprehensive design system that included a dynamic motion package and an exclusive, limited-edition zine. This system enabled us to integrate campaign photography and written interviews with the incredible Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Quannah Chasinghorse, and Danie Sierra.

Zip up. We have a lot we’re excited to share.


The North Face

Vintage North Face logo

The Research:

Vintage The North Face Catalogs and Publications became the starting point for our inspiration.

Quannah Chasinghorse Zine Spread
Quannah Chasinghorse Photo
Conrad Anker Photo
Conrad Anker Zine Spread
Jimmy Chin zine spread
Photo of Jimmy Chin
Danie Sierra photo
Danie Sierra zine spread
North Face photography
Collage of North Face photos
The North Face printed zine cover
The North Face printed zine interior
The North Face printed zine interior
North Face Zine macro photo
Vintage North Face Logo on sleeve
North Face Zine on streets of NY
North Face zine

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