Fable Brand Identity

The days of missing footage and super expensive software are coming to an end. Fable introduces an accessible and intuitive animation platform for beginners and pros alike. We were honored to be part of an exciting launch, creating Fable’s brand aesthetic and written ethos. We conjured water bottles, conceptual spaces, graphics packages, web pages, and brand standards, all with a clean kit of parts that lets the brand act as a vessel for creativity.

The logo represents growth and collaboration using the three most popular aspect ratios story-driven content appears in these days. We helped bring the brand to life, and now you can bring your stories to life with Fable!



The Collected Works - Fable 02
The Collected Works - Fable - 17
The Collected Works - Fable - 18
The Collected Works - Fable - 19
The Collected Works - Fable - 20

Rad Work for Rad People™


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The Collected Works

Rad Work for Rad People™

Set in Beatrice by Sharp Type & Editorial Old by Pangram Pangram

Development by Nick DiMatteo

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