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Print Awards 2024

The PRINT Awards, initiated in 1980, represent a prestigious platform that celebrates exemplary graphic design on an international scale. In its 2024 iteration, the awards encompass 26 distinct categories, including additions such as packaging design and a suite of branding-focused categories. These awards recognize design excellence across a diverse array of mediums, ranging from traditional print mediums to advanced motion and 3D categories.

For 2024 PRINT looks to embrace the future of design–and the merging of tradition and technology. The branding system and motion package we assembled showcases the expansive array of techniques and styles, reflecting the diversity of entrants and winners. These renders and animations can be used independently of each other, as well as assembled into a call-for-entries hero video.


PRINT Magazine


Across the motion package, we aimed to create a suite of ever-moving environments and vignettes.

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