Photo of an italian villa with the Expensicon logo overlaid on top of it

ExpensiCon III

While working closely with Expensify on a holistic rebrand, it was critical that the design system could flex and support unique brand moments - it's a universe that supports their evergreen hero app, unique initiatives, and special events. Fortunately, we had the perfect opportunity to stretch for a lavish event in Puglia, Italy: their most epic conference yet, ExpensiCon III. It's a system with upscale vibes that makes both everyday accountants and even George Clooney feel right at home.



Photo of a person removing their Expensicon lanyard

Inspired by Puglia's iconic pumos, arches, and columns, we utilized these shapes as framing elements to fill with photos, or as borders to support text and graphics. They can also move, evoking the calming sensation of water hitting the coastline. Do you feel relaxed yet?

Photo of an intalian villa with the Expensicon logo in front of it
Photo of the Expensicon booklet
Expensicon signage
Photo of an Expensicon tote bag

ExpensiCon III's design system may be for a one-off event, but it feels timeless.

Expensicon Booklet
Photo of Expensicon keycard holders on top of a bucket of nuts
Expensicon Silk Scarf

From signage and swag to a giant carved wordmark at the entrance, the event was a full takeover of the Borgo Egnazia resort. It's a soft step away from Expensify's core brand: illustrative (without using the same cast of illustrations), leaning into the playful but sophisticated Expensify New Kansas typeface, and painted with intentional picks from the color palette palette. And as evening falls, it even looks amazing dressing up the exterior of the hotel.

Detail of a silk scarf and t-shirt with the word Ciao on it
David Barrett on stage at Expensicon
Bar with the Expensicon logo under an arch
Photo of George Clooney and David Barrett at Expensicon
DJ Booth with Expensicon visuals on LED screens
Expensicon Yatch Flags
Building with the Expensify logo projected on it

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