Explorest logo over a photo of a cabin in the fog


Explorest is a first-class destination for photography fanatics to level up their game when traveling. From Finland to Japan to NYC, their app features over 1,000 unique locations to snap - many off the beaten path. It truly is a celebration of photography, with expert photographers sharing context and metadata from their examples to help you recreate and inspire - from ISO settings right down to the time of day.

We felt it was only fitting that Explorest’s brand identity shared that same sense of adventure, of constant movement. From traveling typography to topographic maps, it’s a system that’s always in motion, but can stop to fully appreciate gorgeous stills. One of our favorite touches is the metadata context box that lives in the corner of large imagery, indicating from the jump that this is a platform for traveling shutterbugs.



Explorest logo in white over a black and white photo
Hand holding an iPhone displaying the Explorest app
Grid of mobile screens of the Explorest app
Photo of a Laptop on grass displaying the Explorest website
Explorest t-shirt
Photo of an Explorest branded tote bag
iPhone with the explorest UI

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